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Here's What to Do

Finding the right chassis and avoiding "drift tax"

As an event promoter I am constantly asked, “How do I get into this?” No, that’s not true. Usually it’s a listless remark weighed down by some invisible force of inability that sounds more like, “Sigh, I wish I could get into this, but…” [excuse, excuse, excuse] Inevitably, no matter how it is phrased to me I deliver a fairly typical response and simply say, “Go find a cheap car.” To most, a car is a major commitment, much like a house.. or a steady girlfriend/boyfriend. The general population can not fathom owning more than two or three vehicle in a lifetime, let alone wrap their minds around the concept that a vehicle could be deemed disposable, outside of the ’96 Honda Civic they bought with 180k on the clock, just to get to and from work till they get their first promotion and can buy a Kia Sorento to carry their mountain bikes. Or perhaps they jazz it up and grab a ’13 GTi with flappy paddles. You know like race cars have..

Either way the reality stays the same. If you want to get into performance driving it is inevitable that you are going to need a vehicle that can perform. The market at this point is saturated with would be tack cars, failed projects, or potential projects. Finding a decent example of a “classic drift car” is getting difficult at a price you wouldn’t cry over for a 20 year old Nissan, or a 30 year old Toyota. That said, there are some sick options as late model as the 00’s that would make great, inexpensive, versatile platforms to begin your career as a full time drift monkey. Jump on Craigslist or your local swap page and go to town. Set up alerts for specific chassis: 240Sx S13 S14, 350Z, SC300, SC400, AE85/86 Corolla, Cressida, Mustang, GTO, FD Rx7, etc.. The 80’s and early 90’s were abound with relatively reliable, rear drive cars which now have tons of affordable aftermarket support; and the early 2000’s delivered 300+hp hyper machines served up as daily drivers which can be had for under $7k. Go nuts!

Modifying your car to perform is the next level after purchase. Remember, there is a certain prerequisite. You can’t play hockey with out the gear, even if you own a stick and puck.