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Drifting is a sport; just like baseball or hockey. There is a definable objective, a list of rules, as well as a set of prerequisites in order to have a fair shot at remaining competitive, even at the amateur level. Rather, there are necessary steps to follow in order to perform at a level that you as a driver will find yourself satisfied with.

The Car

Having the right tool for the job makes all the difference. Finding and building a chassis that is suitable to drifting while befitting your personal styles and preferences is your first step.

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The Gear

Safety Second. Keeping up to date on the required gear is a must. Helmet. Gloves. Suit. Shoes. What ever you need, we’ll help you find it, no matter what skill level.

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The Experience

Get out and drive! Stickers and tons of mods are nothing with out seat time. Find events in your area. Register. Drive.

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